Monday, December 17, 2018
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Congratulations to Enoch Mobley as the 13th Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the jurisdiction of Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands

What is Royal Arch

Royal Arch Masonry is not a religion and does not endeavor to fix ones conception of God.  Royal Arch Masonry regards your religious belief as your own; it does not attempt to influence your belief.  It only asks that you have a belief.  The motto of the Royal Arch is "Holiness To The Lord" and ever reminds us of the reverence due the Great and Beneficient Author of our existence, who is a Being without beginning of days or ending of years.

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Why we have Installation Weekend

Why we have Installation Weekend


The Mission:


Under PMEGHP Finerson the Installation Weekend was started with the concept, and keeping in according with Masonic Tradition, that it is the responsibility of the MEGHP or his designees to install and provide training to all newly elected officers of all subordinate chapters.


The administering of Past High Priest Degree, which was previously done by a committee consisting of Past High Priests was levied on the Past Grand High Priest Council by the MEGHP to create continuity and correctness.


We also use this weekend as a time when the MEGHP can share his vision with the leadership team of each chapter. Also the officers get a chance to meet and share ideas during the breakout session where they should brainstorm on ways to inspire their chapters. 


The purpose of the installation weekend is needed just as much today as it was several years ago.